Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of AACN

SePA Round Table


Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 7:15pm ET - 8:15pm ET
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Come share your experience/ hear others' experiences over the past year!


Guest Moderator

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To say COVID has been difficult or life altering would be an understatement. Come to the SePA Round Table and SHARE! We were/are all in this together and taking care of others, but have we been taking care of us? What did your hospital, unit, or team do well? Where do you feel like you struggled as a team? Did your hospital use integrated nurses? Did you do a job that is different than what you were hired to do? Were units displaced? Were new areas of the hospital converted into ICUs? Did you assess patients in tents? Have you told anyone how any of these things made you feel

This talk will be moderated by a professional debriefing counselor. 

Round Table will be @ 715pm via zoom (immediately after a brief chapter meeting).