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New Chapter Governance Manual available

Posted almost 4 years ago by Laurie Dougherty

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A newly revised and updated Chapter Governance Manual is now available! 

The manual — which exists to provide guidance and simplify life for chapter leadership — contains essential information related to managing your chapter. This includes determining your chapter's purpose; ensuring effective governance, adequate resources, and managing them effectively; planning, monitoring, and strengthening chapter programs; and recruiting and orienting new chapter leaders.

In addition, this new edition of the manual has been reworked and expanded to provide added details relating to the ongoing operations of your chapter. Examples are:

Chapter board of directors' accountabilities;
· Chapter meeting agendas and meeting minutes;

· Why chapter financial reporting is important;

· Yearly planning – communication, recognition, succession, events;

· Hints regarding new members and making them feel welcome;

· Student members; and

· Chapter scholarships


As a chapter leader, you have been entrusted by your members to manage the chapter in a way that will enable it to thrive and fulfill its purpose. To that end, the Healthy Work Environment Standards <> are now incorporated throughout the Chapter Governance Manual. We hope you will find the newly updated Governance Manual helpful in that regard.

And, the Table of Contents is now hyperlinked to each section, making it easier and quicker to move around within the Chapter Governance Manual to find what you need.

Make it your go-to source for everything chapter-related. Of course, if you need further help your Chapter Advisor <> and national chapter staff are standing by to assist!

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns at <> .

Focus the Flame,

AACN Chapter Department
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